Artificial lawn

Using artificial lawn for dogs and pets is a great idea, all our grasses are pet friendly, safe and easy to clean. Liquids will drain away quickly and solids can be picked up and disposed of safely leaving you to enjoy your lawn. 


No more mowing, thus saving on lawn mowing costs and no more fertilizer. You'll be able to dispense with water hoses so there'll be no water wastage and no need to worry when there's a water ban in summer. . During wet cold weather, your natural lawn can become a soggy muddy mess meaning you spend more time cleaning and less time using your lawn.


Artificial lawn looks lush and green all year round and looks every bit as natural as real grass. Techniques, yarns and methods for the manufacture of artificial grass have improved in recent years and the result is a great looking garden for 12 months of the year.


Artificial lawn is perfect for a family with children. It is lovely and soft to play on but hard wearing.  Artificial lawn drains and dries quickly, meaning there is more time in the day for children to be outdoors. 

About the owner 

After many years working for other artificial lawn companies and using the knowledge I have acquired over the years in this industry, I have decided to start my own business. 


I offer quality lawn at an affordable price and I back my product 100%. I'll always go out of my way to make the customer a priority and I take pride in my excellent customer service.

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